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He stays in her home with her, and her parents have more or less accepted his presence, even. I wish I could slip my hand into his. Give him some of my warmth. Where you go, I go. If we were in a comic book, this would be our origin story. Some people get a spider bite, or a vat of acid. We got a river. Honestly, City of Ghosts was literally a flawless read for me.

City of Ghosts

I am so happy that I pre-ordered a finished copy of this ages ago, because I know I will reread it time and time again, and I cannot wait for the announcement of the second book! All quotes come from an advance copy and may not match the final release. Thank you so much to Scholastic for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review!

You can find this review and more on my blog , or you can follow me on twitter , bookstagram , or facebook! View all 12 comments. BUT - and that's the only criticism I have - how is the cat on the cover not a main character? Honestly, though, for some weird reason, I thought this was a story about a girl that can see ghosts true and her best friend, a ghost cat totally not true.

The Ghosts of Rowan Oak - Yoknawpatawpha Press

Turns out her best friend IS a ghost, but a human one. Well, post-human. You know what I mean.

Not sure where this misconception came from, but I definitely would have liked that version, too. Overall I enjoyed this book a lot. Since it is a middle-grade novel and tuned for a younger audience than ADSOM and Vicious it comes without saying that it is less suspenseful and intricate than her YA or adult novels.

I loved seeing how the level of writing and plotting changes when the target audience is another. I have read so many of Schwab's novels, but never a middle-grade one and it's amazing how the author adjusts her writing but still keeps her voice. I would have been fairly spooked if I had read this book as an 8-year-old kid if I'm being honest. It was a fun, slightly creepy and superbly nuanced novel for kids and teenagers.

It talks about friendship, trust and death in a child-friendly way without giving kids the feeling that you don't trust them they couldn't stomach such heavy topics. Oh, and if you are a Potterhead, this is a perfect book for you, too. I rate this book with 4 stars because I was not as involved in the story, and did not get as warm with the main character as I would have liked it to be.

Nevertheless, I can highly recommend this book for anyone who loves a good ghost story or two. Find more of my books on Instagram I didn't realize this was a Middle Grade book which isn't my cup of tea. This was a quick read and a little girl seeing ghosts wasn't uninteresting but I wouldn't recommend it unless you are 12 or under, or usually love MG. View all 7 comments. Jul 04, Lola rated it liked it Shelves: middle-grade , ghosts , publications , paranormal , friendship.

Good, but you and I both know Victoria Schwab could have done so, so much better. I'll attempt to film a video review my first one! View all 23 comments. This happened after she almost drowned, which is when her dead best friend Jacob showed up as well. When I first read the blurb, I was in love with the concept of the story. A girl who can see ghosts? Traveling to a city full of them? With a ghost best friend? Then meets another person who can see ghosts?

A Christmas Carol

Cass and Jacob were interesting characters to read about, and I loved their friendship dynamic. We got the perfect amount of backstory from her and I adored it.

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I loved getting to know different places around the city and it definitely added to the atmosphere of the book. But god, the most disappointing thing about City of Ghosts was the lack of good plot development. And then it got smothered by other things.

And while I like how Cass and Jacob turned out at the end of the book, and the villain, I was really disappointed by how little we got to know a side character named Lara. In reality, she showed up briefly in the first third, came back in the last third, and disappeared. The blurb says that after Cass meets Lara, she starts to question what she can truly do, and it seems like Lara is basically just a plot device. Also Lara is pretty much the diverse rep for this whole book so.

Besides mine, of course, for having to feel this disappointment. This did not affect my opinion in any way. View all 19 comments. Nov 07, Caz littlebookowl rated it really liked it Shelves: buddy-read. Rating: 4. View 2 comments. View all 10 comments. The results are in: Okay guys, let's duke it out.

Simon "Ghost" Riley

Does this cover look more like: A: the start of an anime theme-song sequence B: the cover for the sophomore album of a semi-popular alt rock band C: the girl from 'The Ring' has an adventure. View all 36 comments. May 24, Barbie rated it liked it. My thoughts in a nutshell It was a light, fun read.

I wanted to love it but unfortunately, I wasn't the right audience for City of Ghosts. The story is about… Skip over this point if you don't like the sneak peek. Cassidy's parents are ghosthunters and they get an offer to make a series about Scottish ghost stories, so the whole family travel to Scotland and they visited creepy places.

There is one problem; Cassidy can see ghosts and she gets into some serious trouble on holiday. What impressed My thoughts in a nutshell It was a light, fun read. When I was reading I realized that it is not a young adult book but middle grade. I thought I still like the middle-grade genre, but sadly, I have to say it loud I grew out of it.